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Welcome to the National Children’s Study Archive!

The National Children's Study Archive is an information, data, and sample repository for the National Children's Study. The Archive is designed to share the wide array of study protocols, procedures, and instruments for the National Children's Study, and to make available for scientific research the data and samples collected from over 12,000 women, fathers, and children in the National Children's Study from 2009 to 2014.

The National Children's Study, authorized by the U.S. Congress in 2000, under the Children's Health Act, was a planned national cohort study of environmental health effects on 100,000 children; however, the Study was ended in 2014 by the National Institutes of Health before it was fully accrued. The NCS Archive assembles the knowledge and experience gained from the NCS to serve as an ongoing resource to inform future child health and development research.

The study collected information on demographics, medical history, health status and behaviors, physical measurements, child development, psychosocial and cognitive assessments, and environmental exposures. These data, currently represented by more than 12,500 variables, are available for continued research.

Biological (blood, urine, saliva, placenta, meconium, vaginal swab, hair, nails, and breast milk) and environmental (air, dust, water) samples were collected from a subset of families. There are currently over 200,000 biological samples, most with consent for genetic analysis, and more than 4,000 environmental samples available for research analysis.

These data and samples are freely available, with an approved research request, for scientific research.

For additional access to study documents and information about available data and samples, please sign up for access to the registered website.

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Registered Resources

Registered users have access to additional resources to promote and cultivate new ideas for further exploration of existing data and samples. Several sets of de-identified Study visit data are available for researchers to explore, as well as search tools for defining and connecting Study protocol and data elements.

Registered users can propose new research projects using available NCS data. Projects and proposals are tracked and managed with an easy-to-use online system. Researchers with approved projects will be able to analyze NCS data on virtual workstations within a secure Researcher Portal supported by Archive Staff.

Persons with disabilities and others having difficulty accessing information in these documents should e-mail for assistance.

Archive Update (Apr. 2017) – Child: Birth to 42 Mon. & Consent

The Archive now has child participant information from birth to 42 months of age available. In addition, the Participant Explorer now includes a combined Vanguard Study child dataset for investigation. The NCS consent documentation is also now available. To learn more about these resources follow the title link.

NCS Archive: Connecting With Other Collections and Repositories

The NCS Archive is now part of several registries of data and sample collections. In addition to helping new users find the Archive; these listings represent potential sample and data sources for NCS users. To learn more about these resources follow the title link.

Notice for NCS Users: Availability of NHANES Biospecimens

The NHANES Biospecimen Program is a collection of stored serum, plasma, urine, and DNA specimens and genetic data that are readily available and can be used by researchers. Follow the title link for more details.

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