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With the April release, the Archive now has NCS child information from birth to 42 months of age available, in addition to prenatal mother data. New in this release is information from the 24-, 30-, 36-, and 42-month child visits. The Archive’s supporting documentation and research tools - Instrument Inventory, Protocol Browser, and Variable Locator - have been updated to include the new dataset and instrument information.

The Participant Explorer now gives users access to explore a combined Vanguard Study child dataset. This new, All Study Children (IVS, ARS, PBS), dataset allows explorations of child participant information by Recruitment Protocol, demographics, and data collection activities.

The Archive is also making the consent and authorization forms used during the NCS available on the site. These available documents represent final versions fielded in the NCS and are available for reference or to inform future research endeavors.

Below is a brief summary of website changes to facilitate the sharing of this new information:

General Information

Research Tools

Data and Documentation

Sample & Lab Data