The February 2018 release of the NCS Archive adds two fantastic free, public resources to the Archive and expands the available Archive information. The first is the Teaching Datasets page, which makes available a base child-level dataset and several topic-related modules (Anthropometry, Sleep, Feeding) as free resource to supplement classroom examples and student academic projects. The second is the new Data Briefs and Abstracts page. The Data Briefs and Abstracts page adds data briefs, short summaries and comparisons on specific topic areas of available Archive data, along with consolidating and expanding the information from previous Archive professional presentations.

Registered Archive users now have access to a new Research Proposal Inventory of active and completed research projects using the NCS Archive data. The goal of the inventory is to inspire new research projects, avoid duplication of efforts, and promote collaborations among researchers with shared interests.

These updates along with other improvements are outlined below.


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Research Request

Research Tools

Sample & Lab Data